Legal Nurse – Find Out the Important Things to Know About Legal Nurse Consulting.

When an attorney takes on a medical-related lawsuit, the attorney is confronted with enormous volumes of medical records crammed with esoteric terminology, inexplicable shorthand and indecipherable handwriting. Yet his client’s (plaintiff or defense) future is determined by the attorney understanding those records and taking advantage of these people to support the case effectively. That’s why Certified Legal Nurse Consultant services are definitely the healthiest thing that can ever afflict an attorney’s practice.

Total confidence from the services and support supplied by Legal Nurse Consultant is extremely important when taking up a formidable opponent, such as a major international corporation. Bob Young, an attorney with English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, a major injury firm in south central Kentucky, faced this challenge when he accepted the case of Heather Norman.*

In 2001, the 12-year-old was severely burned in the vehicle accident that killed her mother and brother. “The truck’s side-saddle gasoline tanks exploded upon impact,” Young says, “leaving Heather with second and third degree burns over 25% of her body, including her back, chest, arms, hands and face. She had three surgeries to get skin grafts and underwent numerous other medical procedures. She spent three weeks inside the hospital, plus greater than a month for an out patient receiving daily wound care and occupational therapy.” Young filed a products liability suit versus the truck manufacturer on Heather’s behalf.

Medical cases similar to this can generate 1000s of pages of records. “Should I try and sift through the records and place together an overview,” says Young, “it might or may not be accurate. I’m not trained in the medical industry. It makes sense to have someone with medical training go through the records and decipher the important information.”

Young uses the help of Gina Rogers, RN, CLNC for cases like Heather’s. “My assignment,” says Rogers, “was to document this child’s pain and suffering. Together with summarizing the records, I made a decision ‘a picture will be worth a thousand words.’ I developed a detailed graph of her body indicating all of the burns and skin grafts. My completed graph indicated that there seemed to be hardly an undamaged put on her body.”

“Two major factors in this case,” says Young, “were the enormous pain and suffering Heather had to handle and the problems she would face in the foreseeable future. Gina established all of the pain dexupky35 my client received in the three weeks she is in a healthcare facility. Gina also prepared a comprehensive list of Heather’s potential future health conditions.”

Rather than sending the defendant 1000s of pages of medical records, Young sent them Gina’s report, like the dramatic graph in the plaintiff’s injuries. “Gina’s work was actually a significant portion of the settlement brochure,” he says. The truth settled on an undisclosed amount.

Consulting an unbiased Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Is Similar To Using a Nurse on Staff Minus the Full-time Expense – For the past 3 years Young provides Rogers’ services on virtually every medical-related case. “It’s like having a nurse on staff with no full-time expense,” he says. “It is essential Gina does is help me to screen each case to find out if it’s worth taking. In every medical malpractice case you must retain a medical professional to testify for the standards of care. After Gina reviews the situation, we discuss if they should retain a really expensive MD. Often we decide never to take that next step. Once we do take the case, Gina includes a network of doctors so she helps me get the expert, too.”

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