Tomorrow is #CrawfordDay and we need to world to know that #WeCantShop at Walmart.


Share, join or lead a vigil at your local Walmart! We need everyone to join the family and organizers accross the country.


The directions for the John Crawford action are simple and everyone no matter what city you live in can partake in this. These are the steps as followed.
1.) Not one dime spent in Walmart between Aug 5th -Sep 5th are the original dates but we will go as long as the Montgomery Bus Boycott 386x2 if need be
2.) Aug 5th -Sep 5th we will unleash a Twitter and Facebook storm to @Walmart @D.O.J @OBama @CNN between 12-2pm using the hashtags‪#‎WeCantShop‬ ‪#‎CrawfordDay‬ ‪#‎CrawfordMonth‬ ‪#‎JusticeForAll‬ and‪#‎NoChargesNoProfit‬
3.) We have various captains in various cities across the U.S. right now take care of your team, have ur protest rights handy. No WalMart is excluded! We want the CEO attention. Aim for it! (All Walmarts simultaneously)
4.) Candle light vigil (All Walmarts simultaneously) 6pm central time
This is normally something an organizer would not share on Facebook but due to the urgency of this matter, but we need everyone to partake in this if BlackLivesReallyMatter!