Boycotting Institutions that Profit from Poverty, Slave Labor, Mass Incarceration, Biased Media and Sanctioned Violence: We Will Not Subsidize Our Own Victimization



Dear Comrades:


We are at war. And we are losing.


Even as we daily add more and more names to the list of Stolen Lives, and protest in the streets, our demands for transparency, police accountability, and reform are ignored. The majority of America responds to the ever increasing murder rate of unarmed civilians by law enforcement with apathy. The federal government attempts to pacify our cries for justice with the appointment of a special task force on policing that has done nothing to reduce the violence perpetrated against our communities. The local governments attempt to silence us by labeling us domestic terrorists, enacting new laws to criminalize the exercise our Constitutional rights, and by arming their already over-militarized police departments with yet more weapons to intimidate and victimize us.

We are losing because our demands are not being taken seriously. And our demands are not being taken seriously because we haven’t implemented a sustained consequence for the failure to comply with our demands. The formula for a demand is “You do X, or else I will do Y”. Our demands are flawed and impotent because we have not consistently enforced the “or else”.


Yes, we have disrupted business as usual with our protests. And we have done Blackout Boycotts intermittently throughout this movement with marginal success. But imagine the outcome if we fully rejected this system that terrorizes and subordinates our communities to an American subculture. What if we finally said We WILL NOT Subsidize Our Own Victimization? What if we never bought from another business that profits from prison slave labor? What if we used alternative means of transportation that took money away from local governments? What if we could put Wal-Mart out of business not only for its objectionable business practices, but also for its role in the death of John Crawford? What if we could bankrupt and bury the news media that vilify the victims of police violence? What if our impact on their bottom line was all the incentive that the government needed to meet our demands?


Remember, we are fighting a system. And all of these industries are players in that system. All of them own a piece of the American government. But so do we. The only difference between us and them is that we have not exercised our financial weapon effectively, mainly because we have given our ammunition to our enemy. In the words of Eric Garner, “this stops today!”


The Coalition Against Police Violence believes we can win this fight with a sustained boycott aimed at key targets that we believe contribute to persistent police violence against our communities. We have created this toolkit in hopes that you are as fed up as we are with this “fixed” system and will commit to this boycott until the fight is won. Please click the button to support the boycott and email to receive your boycott toolkit. 



Coalition Against Police Violence

Our Demands:


  • End State Sanctioned violence and murder.

  • End Prison Labor.

  • End Mass Incarceration.

  • End the biased portrayal of people of color in the media.